December 28, 2009

introducing Green Tea & ivy!

So continuing from yesterday...

i discovered the craft fair at UCSD not long after completing the pieces for Randy & Elaine's wedding. I toyed with the idea of selling fanciful sashes and headbands since it is the beginning of the Christmas season, and well in advance of the wedding season.

Long story short, I was put on a waiting list for the craft fair about 1.5 weeks before it was to take place. Two days before I actually got INTO the craft fair and had to go into a frenzy trying to make as many peices as possible in two days, considering that I didn't have anything already premade. Basically starting off from scratch as I tried to narrow down my ideas, but fully inspired by several hours in Anthropologies, Michaels & Joanns...what else would you expect but an all niter before setting up shop @ 6:30 AM on a wednesday morning?

So what did I actually make?

Oh just some hair clips:

{These goldie clips were the most popular item at the craft fair!}

Malia {modeled by both jules & chelle - this large magenta marigold piece is one of my favorites- just the right amount of island flair. I also made a brooch with pearls piled in the middle. I think I have to make another one for myself!}

"Olivia" headband. :) {Named after you know who. :)}

The Kristen headband {a unique blend of lace and linen. One was snatched up by my sister who decided to pair it with jeans today. I myself paired it with my favorite brown sweater, a golden plaid shirt and my brown boots.}

Penelope Sash {A blush pink peony on a satin gray sash. I LOVE the color combo. Very soft and romantic.}

Midnight Rose Sash {More of a deep magenta in a silk garden rose...but against a navy satin sash, its actually pretty! I'm not a fan of pink but these two colors just seem to balance each other so well.}

Elizabeth Ruffle sash {chiffon, linen ruffles on gray ribbon. Simple but intricately handsewn.}

Lauren Ribbon Sash {A giant magenta flower on a gray satin sash. I couldn't help but picture it with a simple little black dress.}

So it was a great experience that I'm glad I had. Thanks to the support of my roommates who gave me their feedback and encouragement by want to buy like ALL of my sashes and hair clips and Joyce Kaj who turned out to be the perfect assistant to manning my table at the craft fair. While I'm still tossing around the idea of making an Etsy shop, I consider my accessories shop Green Tea & Ivy "off the ground". (Not the most original name but it was something I coined when I first thought I would have a fashion line one day...back in when I used to puffy paint tshirts in 8th grade.)

Contact me if you want to order anything you see here OR if you have something else in mind. :)

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Alice said...

dude, nice work court!! seriously, they're reallly good!! you should totally start an etsy shop =D