December 11, 2009

My Czech Family

As much as I love Christmas all its glittery, sugary, shiny wonder there's something I always miss this time of year.

It's my czech family at KSOP. This year is no different as I am wishing for one thing that I know will not fit under my tree, which is an airplane to fly me across the world so that I can see them. I imagine sitting by the fire with Katrin & Martina... and how lovely tha would be. But its the socal girl in me that has never experienced a white christmas that would utterly disoriented by the bitter cold snow of a Czech winter. It's okay though....a girl can dream. :)

I realized that I never never introduced you to my host Czech family. The Kuklinikovi have been my host family for the past two years that I stayed in Ostrava.
I had an impromptu :session: with them the day before we left.

Nada, Miriam, Nela & Honza have shown so much love and hospitality to me and Cindy...and i'm so encouraged to see a family that desires to honor Christ with their lives.

Miriam & Nela...our czech little sisters. :) Growing up to be such beautiful women!

I miss them and the rest of our KSOP church family. A ton. But I'm praying that they celebrate the joy of Christ and Christmas alongside the LBC family.

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