December 5, 2009

runs in the family//sacramento

At thanksgiving dinner my grandma discovered the one mochi that looked like a persimmon... she was so amused by its likeness to an actual persimmon, which I actually can atest to. She eventually decided that if i took a picture of it, she could just actually eat it. Whatever she says goes. Our whole family knows that she's the boss. But isn't she cute?

Prior to thanksgiving dinner though, my mom was actually running the kitchen. This is the one photo I got of her from the whole weekend - and it while I was taking a break from my enslavement over chopping the chestnuts. Everyone in Sac says that I look like her....and while my mom is beautiful, i don't see the resemblance. But maybe i would be incredibly vain if i did.:P

And for good measure, we are the fiery trio of granddaughters.... we come after a long line of take-charge women in our family. :) My grandma, sister and cousin are the most similar - little balls of energy that have enough sass for the rest of us combined. :)

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Jen Shih said...

your grandma is so cute!! i <3 persimmons and mochi. hahah