July 12, 2010

darren & leslie's wedding {south pasadena, CA}

I think we all have those friends who believe in you and all your potential when you are totally afraid to.

Since 2003, Leslie has been one of those friends to me. Surely in my artistic side, she has encouraged me (our late-night photo shoots in college were legendary and totally ridiculous) as well living out an example of a woman saved by Jesus Christ and living out the love and grace that we receive from Him every day.... anyone who has met Leslie can attest to her gentle, kind and warm spirit. To this day, my dear friend is still one of the most compassionate people I know.

As a sister who had always guarded her heart and her purity, I know that I was not the only one who waited to see who would be worthy our dear, sweet and loving Leslie. When she started dating Darren a few years out of college, it seemed like the stars were starting to align. Darren was one of the college buddies from my post-college roommates and I had only heard good things about him. The first few weeks after they started dating I kept asking them for the dirt on him and they wanted to know more about her.

Through the times that I heard her talk to him, heard my roomies share about how CUTE Leslie & Darren were together and especially saw them together, the answer was clear. It's not that kind, gentle and funny Darren was worthy of her, or she worthy of him, but they surely were two sinners who love God, love their families, their friends and wanted to spend their lives loving and serving one another to the glory of God.

Being so up close and in the middle of everything of their wedding day was one of the biggest blessings that God has given me. That Leslie and Darren would want me to be the one to capture their wedding was a GREAT honor and I would not have been able to do it without the help of the talented Hannah Michelle Park of coffee&parchment Photographie as well as my near&dear sister. So thank you les&darren for trusting me, thanks Hannah & Kristen for being at my side (and keeping me going!), J&Jackie for the timely Starbucks on their wedding day and thank you Heavenly Father for giving me the blessings of such wonderful friends!

A beaming groom = <3>
Don't they make such a pretty couple???

Tiffany (another dear friend from college) also wondered who would win Leslie's tightly guarded heart....
Darren is the champion!

The goofy guys needed a Jamba Juice break while these gorgeous gals were sittin' pretty.

Their first dance was equal parts silly, sweetsassy....
best first dance ever!

Congratulations you too...you make a b-e-a-u-t-i-ful couple that is a blessing to SO many people!

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coffee&parchment said...

loooooove!! it was such a BLAST getting to second for you :D it was an amazing experience..thank you SO much court!