July 8, 2010

The only Ten I see:: Part I - Nashville!

"Are you from Tennessee?"
"No, why?"
"because you are the only 10 I see!"

...kind embarrassing to admit that this was one of my favorite pick up lines for a long while. During my freshman year of college that used to be one of my favorite ice breakers - who could recite the witty-ist/most ridiculous pick up lines to get a laugh. At the time, Tennessee was just another state and I had no idea where it was. It merely made of a good pun. Never would of thought of ever going there...

But I did.
It was such a treat to be able to go on vacation with some of my best friends and to be with "family" for a week straight. On our way to visit the Nieh family (Joyce's parents are living in Knoxville) we had to stop in Nashville and boy, it was a day full of country music, southern food, sweet tea and LOTS of Elvis.

We were happy to land in Nashville after a very eventful morning.
All smiles while waiting for our free shuttle that saved us $50+ from not having to rent a car while we waited for Joyce & Peter to come the next day.

Up and ready to go the next morning....first up was celebrating Joyce's birthday with breakfast at Cracker Barrell.

Both the Nashville Symphony Hall and Country Music Hall of Fame were really cool structures. I saw pictures of Nashville after their unfortunate flood...and it was weird to imagine those places almost flooded with water.

David Andersen serenaded Joyce for her birthday & talked about Rich Mullins & Steven Curtis Chapman (whom we were secretly hoping to run into) with a very excited Peter.

Looks like a keyboard, doesn't it?
Studio B...where Elvis recorded a bunch of his hits.
The CM hall of fame looked different through out the day due to the changing position of the sun streaming through all the open windows.
Taking a walk through Honky Tonk street, where you can pop into any bar or stop on the sidewalk to hear people perform.

The view from Jack's BBQ (where we enjoyed a great dinner.)

More pictures from Knoxville & Virginia are on their way!

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