May 12, 2010

stop and smell the....daffodills

{roanoke college, virginia//april 2010}
I had to remind myself to do just that this morning. Take a deep breath and remember that the worst that could happen is really the worst.

Admittedly, I'm a little overwhelmed right now because of my bad habit to overcommit (plus i have two weddings to edit, ai yah.) and the stress is runnin' my emotions through the ringer... so i'll be a little light on blogging the rest of the week.

But to be honest, I don't mind having this image be the first thing I see. I really like it and the soft colors are soothing. Which is what i need right now.


Anonymous said...

sorry you're stressed, but thankful you're busy! you're doing great, court!

c-way said...

beautiful colors! no pressure yourself for the editing stuff...we can wait, really...but we ARE excited to see your professional work :)

Aron said...

wow, looks like everything lined up perfectly.

Anonymous said...

...I'm a little (okay well more like a lot) late, but I'm praying for you Court! <3


PS I was waving at you/trying to get your attention after 2nd hour but you just drove away :[