May 8, 2010

A Proverbs 31 Tribute {Part IV}

Ange is a well loved lady at our church. There are SO MANY things about her that allow you trust her enough to just pour out your heart and everything that you aren't sure about.
I have been fortunate enough to do that several times in the past few years.

Speaking the truth in love, with a gentle hug I would say that Ange is a wonderful mom to her four girls (and well, even some of us single ladies). I'm not sure how she manages it all: she grows in her own worship of God while raising four very different daughters and balancing ministry all while being a suitable helper to our faithful Pastor John. Their girls Jenna, Kara, Alyssa & Olivia are all at different stages of their lives (especially this next year) but I have been able to learn from her how to be patient and understanding as she mothers them, right where they are at.

Just like Carol (whom I shared about yesterday and happens to be Ange's big sister!) it's been a huge testimony of Angela & John's parenting and shepherding of their children when we've seen how much the girls have come to know about God... and truly start to make their relationship with God and the gospel a priority in their own lives. I love getting to hear her candid thoughts when we meet on Tuesday nights about how she thinks through things and is so supportive of each of the interests of each of the girls (ranging from cello, soccer to Ni Hao Kai Lan!) I can only imagine the prayer that went into and continues to go into teaching them God's word and how to live it out. The girls often make an effort to thank their parents for not only being their parents but for teaching them and ministering to they together, as a family, live out the gospel. They are currently preparing to move to San Jose this summer for our first LBC church plant - and this move means that they will be uprooting (have already sold their house) and starting over with a group of 20&30 somethings, away from their family (which is mainly in L.A. and San Diego.) You may ask why they would do such a thing - to themselves, to their daughters - so difficult! But there is only one answer that each member of their family would affirm: to glorify God. Not without sadness and bittersweetness, but with a complete trust in the Lord,

As I myself learn from Ange's example of making disciples of Christ...I only hope that I too can increase in glorifying God with part of my life and loving God more and more as the years pass.

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