December 10, 2008

Summer Sunshine // Orange, CA

I mentioned the potential of this post back in like...August. With the addition of a macbook pro to my work station photo editing efficiency is now through the roof - yay! Therefore - all those photos I "promised" a while back are finally seeing the light of day.

There was a small window of time to see Joyce before she moved to NY for grad was the weekend before I was going to leave for CZ but with New York being so far a way, we made it work. We were 3 for 5 (the fab five that is - also known as my best friends from college...we were missing Betty & Kristin) so Joyce, Leslie and I went to one of our favorite restaurants in OC - Felix's Continental Cafe. Simply amazingly delicious Cuban food. If I could eat there everyday, I totally would.

It's in a cool neighborhood - the antique district of Orange just near enough to our old stomping grounds. With Joyce being the last one to head off to grad school, it felt like we were leaving behind our UCI we had one last photo fun shoot.

Just down the block from Felix's.

Joyce's got hops. I loved this blue garage door.

Lovely Leslie. Extremely graceful.

Thoroughly enjoyed the antique mall...picking out super ugly stuff for each other.

Downtown Orange
Joyce - I can't wait to see you. Come home soon. :)

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