December 12, 2011

a 12x12 update

Since it is now 12/12 (December 12 that is) it seemed fitting that I would give a 12x12 update. In October I made a list of 12 things I wanted to do before the end of the year.

  • Finish reading A Quest for More by Paul David Tripp.
    I have progressed two more chapters in. Good thing I'm a fast reader. Since I get two weeks off from work before the end of the year I anticipate finishing this by Christmas!

  • Learn how to cook a steak and invite a few friends over for a steak and taters dinner. Pending...but planning for next week! Just have to decide which friends to invite....

  • Plan and go on a roadtrip (Santa Barbara or San Luis Obispo are the two top picks currently.) Due to the craziness of the holidays and out of town visitors, the trip was canceled.

  • Deep clean and organize my desks at work and at home - currently driving me crazy!*Kind of cheated with this one.... At work: had to move cubicles at work so I left behind my dirty and messy desk to a new one that was already cleaned off for me. I did throw away things I didn't need. At Home: My desk turned into our dining room table for the time being and all my knick-knacks that were cluttering my desk are still in boxes...that are neatly stacked in the corner.

  • Move into my shared bachelorette pad!After finding a two story, two bed 1.5 bathroom townhouse, in the most perfect for us area, we a had  successful moving day on December 3 that went off without a hitch. While I worked hard at unpacking, still in the process of nesting though I can't manage to get myself to commit to any wall art.

  • Take Caltrain into The City....and spend the day in the city exploring on my own.

  • Find a flea market and go vintage shopping.*Went to an antique mall yesterday, and while that was cool, I'm not counting it since everything cost an arm, a leg and my first child.

  • I started a makeup portfolio earlier this year...I need to update it with more current photos. Or just figure out what in the world I want to do with it, in general. *Decided that makeup artistry will remain a hobby for me, mainly used when friends need my help. Might update the portfolio in the future but no need to do so now.

  • Speaking of makeup....deep clean and wipe down all my brushes, cases, bags and products. This one could take a whole evening, i'm sure *Cleaned ALL the brushes on Friday night for an early morning bridal party. But, now they are dirty again. Will shoot to finish this one this week.

  • Bake a cake, from scratch. And if it doesn't turn out right, try it again.*Will do either this week or next week. Hmm, should start looking for the perfect recipe for a rookie like me to try...

  • Walk for three miles without stopping.

  • 11a. Take a hike in the fall weather.
    *I think I'm going to do this on Saturday morning before my out of town guests arrive

    • Take a photo a day during the month of November! * Was close, but I'm pretty sure I didn't make it for every day in November...:(

  • and I'm now adding a few items: 

  • Shoot the basketball around once a week. * Which means I have to go buy a new one, I guess since that one that I had fell out of the back of my trunk. 

  • Make pumpkin mochi to thank our moving helpers!

  • Write Christmas cards with meaningful messages for co-workers and friends at church. 

  • Visit extended family in Sacramento.

    Hopefully I'll have an update with all these things checked off...and pictures too!

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