December 31, 2011

By My Side {Carol + Quang Wedding}

I just wanna hold you
I just wanna kiss you
I just wanna love you all my life
I normally wouldn't say this but I just can't contain it
I want you here forever right here by my side
{david choi - by my side}

Though Carol & Quang got married in the hot summer of this past August, there are still days I can't really believe that they are together. I knew both of them for the past few years, but at different times and in slightly different contexts. Carol was one of my first friends in San Diego - I have such distinct memories because she left a huge impression and mark on my life before she left to serve in China. Quang was a brother who was part of the church plant that I am also a part of here in San Jose. 

The thought of them dating NEVER crossed my mind. 
But that's the funny thing about time passing, people changing, and the sovereignty of God. 
Because after Carol told me that they were dating and not be surprised if the next time we talked she had gotten engaged....well since then, and especially now, it just makes sense that she would be the one by his side. 

With Carol being such a  beloved sister of mine, I can't help but want the absolute best for her... and watching how Quang loved, cherishes and even challenges our strong superwoman, well, I can't imagine her with anyone else. :)

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tiff said...

beautiful pictures. well said. :)