September 30, 2009

More craft time!

I wish that life was kind of like preschool when everyone did arts and crafts ON A DAILY BASIS.
Here at our house, its alllllllllllmost felt like that....

TED is crafting!

Joyce (the resident scrapbook queen) is crafting!

And yes, Sarah is crafting!

So what was I busy making?

special gifts for a czech friends - including earrings for Lenka (thanks to Hanka for delivering them...straight from San Diego to the Czech Republic!)

and a special birthday gift for a one of a kind birthday girl:

yes, another heart-of-light project!
This time it was a belt with lots and lots of ruffles and lace. Perfect for Petrina's 21st birthday. (Thankfully she LOVED it.)

...the only thing that was missing from all our craft times were the slurpees.

1 comment:

Rachel said...

Yay for craft nights!
Glad the project worked out for you. Maybe I need to add some Slurpee to my craft routine.