September 18, 2014

Who can say if I've been changed for the better

I saw Wicked eight years ago at the Pantages theater. Though they were literally the worst seats in the house (LAST row, all the way in the corner), I already knew the soundtrack and thought I knew the story, I was blown away. Eden Espinosa played Elphaba that night, and though I profess undying love for Idina Menzel, I thought she was REALLY good. 

These songs have been constantly company in the past eight years because I admit that I identify strongly with the talented but misunderstood Elphaba. If only I could truly confidently defy gravity by embracing a dismal future and keep trying to help people though it never works out as intended... well, some day. 

Just had to see it again though. 

Getting ready 
(decided to on a red lip and keep everything else simple for a night out with the ladies). 

AHHHH...I was so excited to see it!

The gals trying to fit in a selfie since we were in downtown SJ and  I was afraid of getting my phone jacked if I gave it to someone. Haha. 

I had low expectations for this production since it was just at the San Jose Performing Arts Center. Well. that just set me up to be delighted. Emma Hunton played Elphaba and um, can she just be in every single musical for the rest of time? SOMEONE GIVE THIS WOMAN HER OWN SHOW! 

Don't believe me?
Just watch. One day, this woman will be on The Tonys. 

Chills down my spine as she sang "The Wizard and I" and COMPLETELY owned it. That song was never really on my radar until then but as Emma sang, I realized that this is a song about a young girl dreaming that her life could be better than what she's known. Dreaming that there will be someone looking at her and seeing more than what is just her exterior.  She wasn't trying to fill Idina's shoes...she just approached the role with so much youthful freshness that I related to this slightly awkward but passionate girl in a way that met me completely where I've been at these days. 

And well, when Glinda and Elphaba sang for good, that just gave me a lot to think about that night. Are we truly changed for the better because of the people that come into our lives? I'm sure I am, if only I would recognize the ways and how.  Thinking about the possibilities if I was a girl who saw the best in other people and came along side them. 

More food for thought. And obviously, Wicked continues to be my favorite musical of all time. 

Who can say if I've been changed for the better?
I do believe I have been changed for the better...
Because I knew I knew you, 
I have been changed for good. 

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