September 16, 2014


It has been over a year since my last post. 

After a nearly 6 month break of even touching my SLR I picked it up again just two weeks ago. Surprisingly after months of basically no interest in shooting pictures, I was actually excited and challenged to find the composition and contrast around me. Since then, even in the frustration of everyday life, I've fallen back in love with photography. 

It is crazy though as I was cleaning things up around this space how much has changed in a year. Some are very obvious things that those that are a part of my everyday life would be fully aware of, not just because it changed for me but because it has touched all of our lives. Hellos, goodbyes, congratulations and new life. But of course there are many things in me that have changed, for better and for worst.  I learned that my overanalytical ways have a place in the business world, that I am far more insecure than I had ever realized, it will always be a strange and bittersweet moment when your best friend gets married, just because I'm getting older I'm not necessarily getting old, and that I can be happy even when the things have happened much differently from how I imagined. Sometimes life is sweeter than fiction. 

In any case, I think I am ready to once again share my adventures, ideas and inspiration on this blog. With many of my interests diversifying (I actually do quite a bit more reading, and not just fiction these days), the content of this blog will be also, so you'll be seeing more than just my photographic work, but the things that make up the beat of my life. 

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