June 6, 2011

Magical Monday: Soph, Heej & Noel {The Kim Family in San Diego}

Monday's typically do not bring good news. Instead of being a field of daydreams, Sunday night is usually filled with dread of encountering an overflowing inbox of emails, noting just how many missed calls I had over the weekend....and meetings that I had managed to forget about over the two days at home. This particular weekend was a tough one as I had sprained my ankle right before the weekend...so not convenient, especially since I am moving in the middle of this week.

So when I want to be down, what better day to look back on a few shoots that I absolutely loved with amazing people? I admit...I have more than ONE of these in the can, and more than ONE coming up. :)

My last weekend in San Diego was spent with the Kim family... it was a PERFECT San Diego afternoon with Soph and her umma and appa....And when Heej told me that Sophia LOVES the water, I knew it was going to be a picture perfect afternoon. :)

Miss you guys...can't wait till our next family time together!

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