June 28, 2011

Just the Way You Are

More portraits of my super cute friends 
{well, now I guess I'm just bragging...}


Trying to capture people the way I see them is a challenge that never seems to get old to me. 

As much as people may think that their smiles are cheesy, their eyes are too small or don't like their smiles...when I manage to catch them in a moment where I see aspects of their personalities shine through,  I just can't help but show them off. During a weekend of being with some dear friends (is friends the right word? Maybe I mean sisters?) these shots really captured how I see them. In the way that I see them,  I think of it being like catching a ray of light off an angle of a prism. Sometimes its a side of them that not everyone knows at a surface level. Whether it's Janet, the universal sweetheart, Naomi's growing gentleness, Anna's sophisication, Sarah's sweet side, Jen's hilariousness and exasperation with all our teasing, Joyce's adorable side, Andrea's goofiness and Becky's tender and protective love, I see it all. 

And hopefully they would agree that I see them.


shih.janet said...

this makes me :)

Courtlynn said...
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