June 11, 2010

somewhere over the rainbow

Kev and  Chelsea just ooze love and sweetness....and I was oozing with joy when they asked me to spend the afternoon with them taking their engagement photos before we all ended up leaving SD.

I’ve actually known of Kevin since we were in middle school from Mt. Hermon summer camp. It wasn’t until my first months at Lighthouse that we actually became friends, as we were both newer and were adjusting to a church family so different from our Mt. Hermon/college fellowship roots. It was totally one of those “I know who you are, do you know who I am?” moments. Now, I consider him a much trusted brother. I remember meeting Chelsea when she started coming out while in college and she was and still is one of the sweetest sisters I’ve ever met.

While I never get tired of that shocked feeling when my friends ask me to take their portraits because they actually like what I do with the camera, I don't tire of cute couples either. And of the cute couples I know, ohhhh these two are up there.

From getting to hear about how they first met (while in college, he got stuck driving a carfull of girls, including Chels) to her interest in him and of course his EPIC proposal including the most intricate scavenger hunt I've ever heard of (including clues inside of gifts that he gave her dating back to even when they were just dating), you can't help but feel happy...
When you see they way they care for each other, you feel like like everyone in the world should be in love.

Prepare for high amounts of happiness and sunshine (maybe even butterflies) to flood your heart. I'm totally serious.

Then we were off to Paradise Point
{chelsea used to take daytrips here with her family, when she was a little girl}.

Seriously, so thankful for them both.
I'll be praying the next few months leading up to the wedding!
I love you guys....thanks for taking me along for a lovely afternoon. :)


Anonymous said...

these are awesome, court!! great job :]

and flowers pick themselves said...

these are wonderful! i adore the settings.

xo Alison

Anonymous said...

Ahhh Court, these are SO cute and playful. :]

Although this is probably my first comment, I just wanted to tell you I silently admire all the beautiful pictures you take! (I always look at your blog & I always want to leave a comment but I can never think of anything witty, funny or original to say-- typical, lol.)