June 24, 2010

craftyinspiration: Kristin's bridal shower

I take birthday parties very seriously. When I think about the guest of honor a theme will always come to mind...my little circle of friends have enjoyed some good good times - we've had hoedowns, parkdays, scavenger hunts, cow parties, international feasts and so many more. It is a PLEASURE of mine to come up with decorating ideas and sometimes even costumes.

But bridal showers are a whole other level. In planning one for my college roommate, Kristin, I realized that to me, bridal showers are like the ultimate birthday party. It's a time of honoring a loved lady and to incorporate things that she would enjoy in all aspects....from food, to theme, decorations, and of course invitations.

So I have to admit...I had been storing pictures on my harddrive in anticipation for about six months (well, maybe longer....). To me, an inspiration board turns into a roadmap to aid with creating the perfect shower for our very simple nature girl turned bride-to-be. This bride to be who taught me so many cool things (knitting, climbing trees, crocadile hunting, how to make milk tea, British culture, wallace&gromit) and is not your typical girl.

One of our favorite past times in college was hosting tea parties. But i'm not talking about ladies in foofy flouncy dresses with oversized hats drinking tea with their pinkies in the air. We grubbed on tea sandwiches and enjoyed scones smeared with lemon curd as we sat on the shag rug and laughed boisterously with our guests. No, a traditional tea party would not do. So I thought of the perfect twist....why not a tree party?

Enjoy my inspiration board for now, and look forward to the real day-of photos to come next week. :)

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and flowers pick themselves said...

gorgeous! love the stack of books.

xo Alison