August 25, 2008

Maui Through My Eyes

(The first one was a shot by my grandfather sometime in the 70's I think...the second one, by me. :) It's not the same spot but after I went through my photos, I just kept thinking about the landscape that was one of my favorites. I am glad that photography runs in the family.)

I took this from a moving car, on the way to our hotel.

I love the sparkling water!

I'm not the only photographer in our family.

(Thanks Green Sunday by Serena Grace!)

A live band was playing music, and their family members danced to their music. I love watching their hula - they were so graceful. This was part of the celebration of the King Kamehameha parade.

This seems almost like a lifetime away...did I really go to Maui this year?
That I did. And of course it was beautiful - as anyone would expect it would be. I think I was trying really hard to see things through a photographer's eyes...and that might be something I would do differently. Instead of looking so feverishly for all those "beautiful moments" this reminded me to just take pictures of what I like, instead of what I think other people will be impressed by. Many people have seen Maui, but it is safe to say that no one will see it through my eyes. Just a thought for today. :)

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