August 15, 2008


IMG_2934, originally uploaded by Courtney Lynn.

I have photos from Maui, Mel and Wayne's Wedding and of course my second trip to Czech Republic but before that I wanted to post this one of Becky. We were camping by the beach but while the rest of us were sandy and gross, she still looked as gorgeous as ever.

She and I became good friends a little over a year ago. It's amazing considering that I had set my mind against that very thing when I first met her - she was one of the last people I wanted to befriend when after I moved to San Diego. But after a lot of praying (on her half and by our bestest bud Anna), things didn't stay that way. Yet its a testimony to how gracious God is because we have become such close friends since then. I walked off the airplane in August and she was there. With a big hug. We laugh, we cry, we praise God.

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