February 13, 2008

You're way too beautiful girl....

Saturday was such a refreshment... I drove up to good old Irvine to surprise Whitney for her birthday. Whit was one of my closest friends from college, and has always been an inspiration to me. We spent Saturday afternoon doing all of our favorite things: eating good food, talking, encouraging each other...and taking photos! The diversity of Corona Del Mar did not disappoint - all of these photos were taken within a 2 block radius. We walked down alleys, sat next to trashcans (actually I did), walked along flowerbeds, hung out in people's driveways - whatever we thought would be a cool shot. It's nice to have someone as adventurous right by your side, especially when they are your subject! Whit, you are as lovely as ever!

Seriously, this was someone's driveway/garage thing. Yellow!

In the back of some boutique.

This was in a REALLY skinny alley, right up next to someone's house. We had to be REALLY quiet. :-P


Lyndsey said...

awesome photos court! and yes...whit is wayyyyy too beautiful!!

yvonne said...

she reeeally is :)