March 28, 2007

An Introduction to what is currently know was "Happenstance"
(the photoblog of Courtlynn Photography):

My favorite photographs have grown to be those where you feel the soul of a person connecting with SOMEONE or something. Over time I've happened to catch a lot of these on the spur of the moment or in otherwords, without planning, prodding, or even producing. That joy has grown into a style that looks to frame the moments that are abound in life, day-t0-day, in and out. In a battle against the more commonly believed "mundane" outlook on what we are tempted to think this is the dreary life, I have found that unearthing these moments is like a treasure hunt where my prize is being able to show people, no matter how cliche it sounds, that life IS beautiful. And there is always something to be thankful for.

Of course not EVERY photograph is by pure luck or chance, but I will never get tired of being surprised by the different perspective that comes through the camera lens.

(The Getty Center, Los Angeles, May 2006)

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