July 20, 2013

San Jose Night Market

I love food. And I'm a sucker for food trucks. Put multiple ones together in a close vicinity and you'll find me nearby. Though the reviews for the San Jose Night Market were generally that it wasn't as good as last year, my old roomie Kim, and I thought that is nothing else, we'd have a bite together. (Which doesn't happen as often as we would like these days, now that she's married and has an energetic little boy in her life.)

To sweeten the deal, even without knowing what would be there, two other friends who are being dear to me spent the evening there as well. And a little culture when we enjoyed a lion dance performed by high schoolers. It was intense! While I was right to have lowered my expectations (definitely not as much variety as last year), I had french fries and quality time with friends. Cheesy perhaps....

but seriously, there were french fries and milk tea. Doesn't take more more to make me happy. :)

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