October 15, 2012

When friends are near

I was feeling kinda blue today...but it helped to look through old photos. I came across an album that was just all smiles for me, when my gang of galpals came to visit the Bay Area last December. Hard to believe that was almost a year ago. We did so many things over the five days they were here...most of them involving eating in SF of course, Stanford, Campbell and Palo Alto. ::Sigh::

There's just nothing quite as dear was when friends you love are in the city that you love. I miss them.

 Before they even arrived they told me "Court, wait till you see the car we rented." Affectionately known as The Crown Vic. SUPER spacious!

 On our way to SF!

 So delighted to finally introduce my favorite brunch in the whole wide world to them: Mission Beach Cafe

 Getting ready to explore Mission District

 Did I mention The Crown Vic was spacious?
Room enough for 2!

 ...and three. 

 WOW. Four full grown adults. 

 They were good sports about thrift store furniture shopping with me

 James Kim recommended hitting up Twin Peaks and that was one of the best suggestions ever!

They are used to my impromptu photoshoots. 

Making breakfast at home and watching movies :)

The last day....wandering around Palo Alto and Stanford University

 Yep...even more impromptu photoshoots. 

Here's me wishing they come again this year! 

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