January 13, 2012

If This Was A Movie: Kimmy & David's proposal :)

Its extraordinary moments in ordinary days that allow me to think that sometimes, life is better than teh movies. The day that David asked Kimmy to be his wife was one of those days. Set in the beautiful background of Stowe lake in Golden Gate park on a paddleboat, David shared his heart with her and asked to her spend the rest of her days with him, glorying the God that both saved them.

 Joo (one of the groomsmen) and I waited patiently for them to come around the bend of the lake. 

 That magic moment. :)

 She said yes. :) 

 Happy friends waiting at the engagement party with a bubble filled entrance. 

 The Chungs are always dressed for the occasion. 

 Everyone gathering round to hear the story

We're less than 50 days away! Stay tuned for their engagement photos. :)

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