August 5, 2011

Life in the Yay Area: Napa Valley

In March my brother graduated from The Culinary Institute of America. He spent nine months studying at their Napa campus, also known as Greystone. It was pretty exciting to see him graduate for the second time, with this undergrad ceremony being just a few months earlier. Having been to Napa Valley only one time before, I was excited to see my family again and to revisit some beautiful architecture and OF COURSE, eat some really yummy food. It was a unique experience, especially since there was a three course reception lunch following the commencement prepared at Greystone by CIA.

I went crazy when it came to the dessert table. :) Because I have such a sweet tooth, but of course the sweetest thing was being with my lil bro. He's all grown up now!

My dad. :) 

Look at that smile. It doesn't come out often.

I got a tour of the kitchen and baking areas where they did all their work.

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