May 4, 2011

jump start my kaleidoscope heart....

I needed a "pick me up" (and I'm staying away from ice cream for now) so I started looking through some photos from last year. 

And something really obvious resonated in my heart. There's something special about having the kind of buddies who you adventure through life with. 

Definitely gems in my book.

This photo was from my LAST weekend in San Diego when we finally went to breakfast together though we had been talking about it for a good part of the year. We had been planning a trip to Disneyland but with my sudden move to San Jose the very weekend we first thought to go, that plan had to be put on the backburner. Though we had hung out in pockets of time, after that particular weekend, I was SO SO sad to leave these particular gals, especially when I could see the potential for lifelong friendships burgeoning. 

But believe it or not, we DID actually make it to Disneyland when I was visiting home for Christmas vacation! Our day in the happiest place on earth was one of the most perfect and chill trips to Disneyland I had ever had in my life. We laughed and ate all day.  So refreshing to be together.

It was perfect timing to get to surprise and hang with my SD buds last weekend when I dropped by San Diego....good for my soul. We were missing someone physically, but she was there in our hearts...

{We <3 you Sarah!}

Love just talking about life with these gals - and even tonight we were chatting and Jen and I reflected on how fast life changes. Even with unexpected moves, navigating through the waters of relationships, growing up, dealing with houses, insurance and unemployment and especially serving at church, I'm always encouraged by hearing about the constant evidence of God's grace through our lives. Even if I hear about it just through video chatting (which I can't believe we have managed to do successfully with 6 people!)

So if could pick a theme song for us it would be this one:

Thanks gals, for being the pieces of my kaleidoscope heart. We're uncharting this together. I love you all. :)


tumbalina3 said...

i like how jen and janet share a screen :)

shih.janet said...

i <3 you Court! :) LOVE these photos.

next stop...SANTA BARBARA! :)