June 11, 2008

Whitney//Senior Portraits//Oceanside

Here's part two of my adventures in Oceanside. The plan was to hang out at the Oceanside Muesum of Art but they don't allow photographs inside. Instead, we wandered down streets and alleys (as Whitney and I often do when we are together). We found so many cool places and fun colors and there was no one better to have with me for the afternoon (except of course, Alison :]).

I'm super proud of Whitney...and thankful for how God has grown our friendship over the years and during some very fundamental and tumultuous times in our lives. I remember when she was just a senior in high school. Watch out world - here comes my little sister and she is just TOO fabulous for you all.

A nice portrait for mom that says it all: "I'm an adult now!"

I love the expression on her face here.

Another nice and "normal" portrait...

Now for the fun stuff. We put on the music and just rocked out!

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