January 28, 2008

These Days

I've had a hard time blogging lately....definitely not for lack of things to write about but at the beginning of the year I waas busy as usual. The beginning of my 24th year ushered in a definite career direction change, among other things. I also found myself embarking on a new adventure.

A big part of that adventure was getting to work with the awesomely inspirational Susan Yee of EnPointe Photography. It's been incredible getting to see her work the in's and out's of wedding photography and seeing where the magic in her images come from. One thing that I think of everytime I see something new she has come up with is that I just want to drive into the moment that she captured. Susan is so innovative - constantly there are things she'll do or show me and I think "WOW - I would have never imagined how to think of that." She has impeccable taste...not just in music, but art, interior design, and so many other things.

I was fortunate enough to score my own mini-photo session with her so that I could be introduced to her clients... i was an unruly model (that's right...no make up and no brush that day) but you can see how amazing she is. Check out her blog to see more of her work!


i like... said...

pretty. ;)

Anonymous said...

i saw this picture before!

my gf's friend hired enpointe photography do their wedding earlier this year and i saw your picture before!!!!

wow, what a small world.

btw, this is james.