December 31, 2007

Christmas Festivities Part I

Christmas came to Baywood early again this year. I love the look on Joyce's face as she checks out her gag gift from me - a very short black silk dress that she would NEVER wear. I waited in anticipation for a disgusted response, but like always, she remained composed and grateful...but not as grateful when she realized it was a joke when I handed over her real gift.

Our roommate J (right there in the middle) will be moving in January so sadly this was our last Christmas together. I'm so thankful for all you girls!

Fun, fun, fun at Grace's house (who is my vote for hostess with the mostess) making our version of a gingerbread house using rice krispy treats! Turns out even as a group, we're not fabulous carpenters because it wouldn't stand for more than 5 minutes on its own (check out Teresa's face as it starts to fall apart). It did look awesome though!

More to come but for now, Happy New Year!

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