November 28, 2007

Beautiful Fall!

It's true...I love fall more than the other season, even summer when I've been known to hit the beach every other day. The only pitfall of San Diego is that there are not many of the vibrantly beautiful bursts of colors that the east coast or even SACRAMENTO has! I didn't count a leisurely walk around the neighborhood as something to do during my thanksgiving visit but it was a highlight. There couldn't have been anything more inspiring than to wander among shapes, colors, and small town feeling. I felt so rejuvenated when I returned to the craziness of my family. I hope you can enjoy it too!
Truly, wonderfall...


sus said...

i miss sacramento falls. :)

and that second picture - the house with the red truck? that's our friend's old house! LOL. :)

sus said...

p.s. this is susan btw :)