October 18, 2007

The Gift of Mornings

Mellow morning, originally uploaded by Courtney Lynn.

I miss mornings like this.

When I was in college, Cha for Tea was my place to eat, think, and drink. During winter quarter, I spent a significant chunk of time there as I was reading through Paul's missionary journeys in Acts. I would always take the back corner table after ordering my strawberry milk tea and pull out my journal, Bible and just write. It's amazing that I was able to concentrate amidst the buzz of such a busy atmosphere and I think that's why I loved the mornings there with still morning light. Even though I wasn't ever a "morning person", I treasured this hour before heading off to class - I was reminded that I had a fresh day before me.

Time has passed and there aren't any mornings at Cha for Tea anymore, but it does make those quiet times so precious when I can find a little corner to fill...and think about those fresh days before me.

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